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Committed to advancing quality solutions for personal & professional growth across a variety of industries.

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Over the last 10 years, David Moreno's key legal industry experience, & far-reaching relationship capital has helped to propel corporate growth, personal development, and social justice across the country.

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Legal Expert & Advisor

Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney turned trial expert & advisor, David remains focused on providing unmatched legal consulting & analysis in a wide range of fields from criminal, corporate and sports & entertainment.

Entrepreneur & Business Expert

As CEO of Mediabundance, a company on the cutting edge of tech, e-sports & media, David thrives on enhancing corporate wellness practices & educating entrepreneurs on the techniques of success.

Sports Agent & Advisor

Empowering and educating athletes to become entreprenuers and capitalize on branding for sustained wealth, development and community impact.

Widely Recognized Speaker

David has captivated audiences around the world with expertise ranging from entrepreneurship, corporate growth social justice, community activism, the business of sports, & legal advice.

Specializing in helping companies & individuals reach their full potential!

Inspire. Educate. Connect.

As a former athlete turned social justice advocate, David remains committed to making a positive impact through community initiatives, helping to guide individuals through legal & business scenarios. David is dedicated to service and his endeavors are consistent with his core values of community, inclusion, & education

David thrives on collaborating with companies as a business consultant, sports agent, legal expert, advisor, & speaker, while maintaining a focus on corporate wellness, & critical success factors.

With a long-standing reputation of guiding business professionals through emerging trends; David has mastered the language of influence, improved business practices, and refined strategies in a variety of industries while maintaing the highest ethical strandard.

Committed to serving under-represented communities & acting as a motivational & educational speaker around the country; David prides himself on mentoring future thought leaders of America in topics of leadership, community involvement, social justice, & education.

"The key to success is establishing credibility in your field, & using every opportunity you have, to learn."

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